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Title: Instant Pot
Post by: JoeCamper on April 12, 2017, 08:01:42 PM
Sometimes while camping, I'm looking easy cooking.  Has anyone ever used an instant pot?  I new style pressure cooker... I think.

Title: Re: Instant Pot
Post by: mtn_bikers on April 13, 2017, 07:12:15 AM
looks interesting...
Title: Re: Instant Pot
Post by: kitphantom on April 13, 2017, 09:45:26 PM
We have two of the Instant Pots. I bought the 6 qt DUO on Amazon Prime day last July and the 8 qt Duo a month or so ago. So yes, you could say I've found them useful. They are an electric pressure cooker. I don't use them for slow cooking, I don't like most slow cooker meals; some like the feature, others not so much. There's a huge Facebook group.
Since we live at altitude, one of my main reasons for buying one was cooking dry beans, since our old stove top ones needed new gaskets. Little did I know how handy they would be for steel cut oats, cheesecake (!), hard cooked eggs, and even yogurt. (I swore I wasn't going to make it again all these years after doing so as a poor college student, but I am.)
Most of our camping is dry camping, so I doubt we'll take one of the IPs often. However, one of our trips with power should be in prime fresh corn season, near Durango, so even higher than at home in ABQ. We cooked corn on the cob  in the IP last year and it was great.
Title: Re: Instant Pot
Post by: HuskyCampers on April 14, 2017, 10:35:51 AM
I haven't used one yet,  but I've been looking into getting one.  I have a few friend who have them and swear by them.
Title: Re: Instant Pot
Post by: kitphantom on April 14, 2017, 04:21:40 PM
One of the biggest things with the IP is to realize that it is an electric pressure cooker, not a microwave. Cooking time is fast, but there is still time needed to reach pressure and reduce pressure. (For some foods you release the pressure immediately, some let it naturally release, others a combination of those.)
For instance, it takes me almost 3 hours to make posole (sort of pork stew with hominy/nixtamel) with the Instant Pot - that's still a great improvement over 5-6 hours, and with less pot watching.