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Apr - Jun, 2017 / Re: The NOT a Rally, Rally
« Last post by CampingPhil on Today at 02:25:54 PM »
MariskaHargitay is immature.

Fighting words, or maybe drinking words.  :rofl:
Oct - Dec, 2017 / Re: Sight and Sound Theater
« Last post by 2HappyCampers on Today at 11:37:15 AM »
Ummmmm, did you accidentally typo an extra digit in that price?  :-[ :-\

Oct - Dec, 2017 / Sight and Sound Theater
« Last post by JoeCamper on Today at 10:15:48 AM »
Anyone interested in going as a group to Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster PA to see MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS
Maybe a Saturday in December?
FYI - Adult tickets are $138 each
Apr - Jun, 2017 / Re: The NOT a Rally, Rally
« Last post by Marc S. on Yesterday at 06:16:06 PM »
Cora and I will be over after school on Friday.  We are looking forward to a nice weekend for our first trip of the season.

(smallest CC rally I've attended was Fall Foliage rally 2011 Frances Slocam- I think it was just me, Guitarman Steve, and his dog Mocha we still had a great time)
Apr - Jun, 2017 / Re: The NOT a Rally, Rally
« Last post by Hindy on Yesterday at 09:45:22 AM »
Cool. I am waiting to hear from my grandaughter who just turned 12. My wife Carol might be co-erced into coming too but she has a busy friday and may not be up to it. Our campers are still closed up for the season but we like to tent it sometimes. Looking forward to meeting new camping families.
Apr - Jun, 2017 / Re: The NOT a Rally, Rally
« Last post by TMMull on Yesterday at 09:35:22 AM »
I think the smallest CC rally was 5 participants! You missed that one due to tow vehicle issues.
Apr - Jun, 2017 / Re: The NOT a Rally, Rally
« Last post by JoeCamper on Yesterday at 09:17:45 AM »
Great!  My wife and 2 of our 3 daughters will be there Saturday after play rehearsal and a softball game.  HuskyCampers have a new boy, samebutdifferent have 2 sons, MarcS has a daughter, TheBFam have a son and daughter, Vik-king has a son and daughter, MariskaHargitay is immature.
Apr - Jun, 2017 / Re: The NOT a Rally, Rally
« Last post by Hindy on Yesterday at 08:47:44 AM »
I like it. I had considered tent camping overnight friday and seeing if my grand daughter could come. Will there be other kids than your sons Boy Scout troop :ranger: for her to get to know?
Apr - Jun, 2017 / Re: The NOT a Rally, Rally
« Last post by JoeCamper on Yesterday at 07:28:10 AM »
I've had a few people ask me what is this "Not a Rally" rally? 

We've been doing this for 10 years now and from others recommendations, I normally plan a group camping rally once a month from March thru November. 
We've had:
  • 108 people at Niagara Falls
  • small rallies with 8-12 people
  • we've toured the Gettysburg Battlefield
  • visited a wolf preserve
  • enjoyed wineries
  • Nascar race weekends
  • Williamsburg history
  • the NJ shore beaches
  • walked a few 5ks for charity
  • biked to far for MS search
  • seen the witches of Salem Massachusetts
  • we had a campfire engagement
  • we've kayaked in the Poconos
  • zip lined the longest on the US
  • we challenged an escape room together
  • hiked beautiful water falls
  • we taken a dinner cruise
  • rented a large 2 story pontoon boat with slide
  • ziplined the longest in the US
  • we've spend the day at amusement parks riding rollercoasters and bumper cars together
  • we've decorated our campsites for Halloween while creating a cemetery and won prizes
  • attended each others weddings
  • we've gathered the first full weekend in November for the last 9 years and enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner together
  • and so much more
  • This summer we are white water rafting

Everyone is welcome, it's free and it will change your camping experience. Yes, it's free.  The website actually cost money every year because there is no cost to our members and just have a few advertisers.  Today, many post their pictures and ask questions on Facebook for 'likes' and immediate satisfaction because that's society today.  The main thing we've done here is enjoyed camping and met great people that many now call friends. 

Our typical weekend, everyone books their own sites.  We have a campfire Friday evening and potluck/campfire Saturday evening.  Some will go for a walk, hike or bike.  Sometimes tour others campers.  Mostly tell stories and share our lives.  Get involved in as much or as little as you wish.

Sorry, back to the question.  We have a rally planned in May already and I'm camping at French Creek SP this weekend with my son's scout troop so mentioned that it's not a rally but anyone's welcome to camp.  There is about 10 sites booked and apparently the "it's not a rally" is now a rally.
Race pics are available, I just can't get em to post here.

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