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Campgrounds, State Parks, Etc / Lums Pond State Park, DE
« on: July 12, 2016, 11:58:54 AM »
FYI, the campground at Lums was closed all winter for renovations. 68 sites are now W/E/S. I think the bathhouse was scheduled to be redone, too, but not sure. The BIG news is that the alcohol ban at this park has been lifted! Cans & bottle are okay, but not kegs.  :)

Appliances / Metered propane in Chester County, PA
« on: May 30, 2015, 04:40:04 PM »
FYI, Tractor Supply on Route 10, just south of Rte 30, sells metered propane as long as your tanks are in date. Since quite a few of us live in this area, keep it in mind if you want to top off your tanks before a trip.

One of my favorites! We stumbled upon this one because they allow pets & when we were looking, NJ state parks did not. (Don't know if that's still the case)
Anyway, a great park. Huge wooded, sandy, pull in sites with water & electric hookups, as well as individual metal trashcans & recycle containers at each site. A word of warning; due to the size of the sites, in some cases, a very long water hose (40-50') is needed to stay hooked up at your own site depending upon how you position your camper. We prefer the sites on the outside perimeter of the campground as they back up to woods. The inner sites back up to each other & can be very close to your neighbor. The roads through the campground can be a tad tight if pulling a big trailer. All are passable, just go slowly & keep your eye in your mirror to watch that your backend clears some of the trees.

The park is lovely & has many amenities. (boating, hiking, archery, numerous playgrounds, picnic shelters, fitness trail) We especially liked that we could walk along trails to the main park area instead of having to drive to the day use area as is common in many state parks.   

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