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Here is a link to the SEALANDER Its a cute little camper that is also a boat. Pretty neat  just a little small.

Tired of boring camping trips on stupid, dry LAND?

Now there's a new marvel out there for those looking to inject more amphibious shenanigans into our cross-country road trips.

Towing / Incredible deal on tires and wheels JET.COM
« on: February 21, 2016, 12:55:08 PM »
Incredible deal on tires and wheels JET.COM
I was searching for new tires for my vintage popup (84 Viking) and I stumbled across this new web site JET.COM itís a new site and I was a little skeptical but I ended up buying two tires all ready mounted on wheels for under 65.00 delivered to my door in 3 days for free. At fist I thought they made a mistake and the price was for a single tire and wheel but when they both arrived I was ecstatic to get two brand new tires pre mounted on high gloss white painted wheels. This is what I got Kenda Loadstar Dexstar
2-Pack Trailer Wheel & Tire #425 ST175/80D13 175/80 D 13" LRC 5 Hole White Spoke
Qty. 1
You paid: $64.39
I took them to my local tire shop and had them high speed balanced yesterday so they wear a little more even then my last tires. At this price the rubber is disposable. Im not saying I got the best tires but I have had Kenda tires before and they have held up pretty good for my light weight trailer (1250lbs) they have a pretty good back story and have been around for over 50 years
Here are 2 pics of the tires and wheels I received last week

General Campfire Discussion / Looking foward to the 2016 camping season
« on: February 18, 2016, 07:26:13 PM »
I think my wife could tell I was getting excited about the upcoming camping season . she saw me going through my camping equiptment that I Store in the basement over the winter. Slowly been washing all the sleeping bags and the camping linens. I came home to these two new cute block prints in the down stairs bathroom today.Even though she doesn't get out to many trips, she def. supports my hobbie.

So what are you doing to get excited about this upcoming camping season?

General Campfire Discussion / CAMP FIRE CONES
« on: February 18, 2016, 01:45:45 PM »
Has anyone ever heard of CAMPFIRE CONES?
- If the weather is nice for this yearís season opener, I may just have to try this.

 Ingredients; cone shaped sugar style ice cream cones, Bananas, Strawberries, Chocolate chips, mini marshmallows

Cut bananas into quarter size pieces, slice strawberries, in a large bowl mix bananas, strawberries, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Wrap some tin foil around the ice cream cone base leaving enough foil to eventually close off top section. Scoop above ingredients into the ice cream cone. Carefully close off top with foil so that when they are cooked you can peel back foil to expose top of cone but hold by base. Place the foil wrapped cone with ingredients on a grate several inches over the fire. Or hold over fire with long tongs. Keep over fire just long enough for the chocolate and marshmallows to melt. Remove from fire, peel back tin foil and start to enjoy your delicious campfire cone. Caution filling is hot sticky& yummy! Enjoy

Wooden floors from a Tudor mansion, an indoor wood burner, and a Victorian bed? It doesn't get better than that.
Sitting in a field on the Inshriach Estate in the Scottish Highlands is a camper that's unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's actually a vintage fire truck from the 1960s, and what people do with it now brings "glamping" to a whole new level.

Situated just a short distance from the Tomatin Distillery, this vehicle is changing the camping game. Once you see the footage below, you'll want to visit this beautiful country even more than you wanted to before.

Many months ago I won the monthly sweepstakes for a camping sign. Well I finally got around to ordering it from the people at 3DWOODENPHOTOS.COM that were nice enough to provided the prize for this contest. First let me say Thank you Joe for having this contest and for providing such a great vendor to furnish such a beautiful sign. The people at 3D were absolutely amazing they work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. They have so many adorable designs that would fit any body's needs. The workmanship is top notch, nice bright colors and very well constructed. They now come highly recommended by me ! Just take a look how adorable my sign turned out. I am also including a link to a picture of there business card should anyone want to get there own sign made. As I understand it they are an official advertiser on Canvas Campers.
Sign I won on

A lot of people were interested in the anti rattle kit I have placed on my bike rack that actually works . It keeps the rack from moving around during transport. I spent a lot of money on the bike rack only to find out that it was the norm for a bike rack to jump back and forth with the bikes on it while driving down the road. several years back I invested in a curt bike rack that holds 4 bikes so I could transport the bikes for the whole family . The rack wasn't cheap and was very well made with the exception of the tie down system. The only problem was it simple moved around in the hitch  when in use and I would see the bikes bouncing up and down the entire ride.

It made me nervous and I was afraid the bikes would come free or damage the car or trailer. I contacted the MFG. Curt and they said that this was the norm there had to be some play in the tube for it to slide in and out. after talking back and forth they sent me a replacement bar several times only to slide it in and find out it was the same disaster waiting to happen. I finally told them I couldn't keep a rack that worked this way and they told me to bear with them for a few months and that I wasn't the only person that had complaints. fast forward 3 months I get a neat little package in the mail for free and had a letter apologizing for the problem with my rack. they took all the customer complaints to the tech people at curt and invented a really simple solution and called it an anti shake or rattle kit which is now available in many stores and online for less then $20.00. The biggest part is it really works.

Once you use the kit you will say to yourself why didn't I have this before. Its really simple to use its basically a threaded high grade case hardened hitch pin with a special slide in nut that sits inside the tube. when tightened down it stops the tube from being able to move in the hitch.  You can get lots more info from Curt's web site , specs and where to buy. Here are a bunch of pics of my rig with the bike rack in use  and pictures from curt , also picture of instruction sheet. It comes in 1 1/4 or with the block to be used in a 2 inch hitch so can be used for both sizes just have to buy the one you need. 

Untitled by pup6820, on Flickr

Untitled by pup6820, on Flickr

Untitled by pup6820, on Flickr

Untitled by pup6820, on Flickr

Untitled by pup6820, on Flickr

Untitled by pup6820, on Flickr

Curt anti rattle by pup6820, on Flickr

Wow I am hooked I discovered Pintrest about 2 months ago and you can basically find pictures and DIY projects for anything related to  camping or anything for that matter. It's  like the worlds largest free digital photograph library. Don't worry Joe I promise my pinning wont take away time I spend on the canvas lol. So far my favorite board that I have created is called vintage camper toys and I have found literally hundreds of pictures of old camper toys, pop ups trailers class A's Etc. If your a pinner or just checked out Pintrest what have you found related to camping. Do tell.

General Campfire Discussion / Hershey RV show
« on: September 07, 2014, 08:10:02 PM »
Heading to the Hershey RV show next weekend . My son and I will be up there on Saturday looking at hybrids around  noon anyone else heading to the show.

OK so I am starting to seriously shop for our travel trailer upgrade I am almost sure its going to be a jay-co 3 bunk hybrid model 18D with a few extra up grades like 15k a/c, 3 bed mat heaters, extra folding table to accompany the bench seat. power package (electric tongue jack and awning), outside grill and a 2inch lift kit. I was surfing the web and wow I found jayco's web sites in Australia. Let me be the first to say holy crap why cant they build the trailers here in the USA like the caravans as they call them over. There they all look so much more refined they have beautiful rounded finished   ends and nice  lines. they have some amazing things like led strip lights through out head liner, digital thermostat,stainless steel sinks chrome faucets, mud flap, roof mounted solor panel charging station, a choice of like 15 diffrent really nice fabric and curtain selections, much lighter woods that make the trailer look very smart. and OK the final perk an on board mini washing machine for clothing how smart is that. ( I know its not really camping anymore when you have this option) just take a look at  these trailers and tell me they don't look so much better then what jay-co is offering us here in the USA. look at the outback and the silver line.

We did our annual outing to the beautiful scenic Delaware river in upsate NY. We always stay at one of landers campgrounds along the river. This year we were at the Skinner's falls campgrounds. We had an absolute blast. The weather was as about as perfect as can be expected for July was 80 degrees and no humidity during the day and it dropped down to  55 for great sleeping weather and nice and cool to sit around a camp fire at night. The campround is pretty much an open field along side the Delaware river with camp sites on either side. We tend to camp on the opposite side of the river to keep the bugs to a minimum away from the water. The staff is as friendly as they come and we have been camping here for about 30 years and are on first name basis with many of them.( If you ever need any spacial attention just ask for Gail shes been with launders since it opened). The camp ground office that sits just off the river is also a small country store with many supplies that you may have forgotten and very reasonably priced. We arrived early and they let us check in early with no hassles. the camp ground was very full this time of year with mostly tent campers . I did see about 3 other pop ups while we were there. It is a great location set in a valley off the main road (route 97). Once you set up your camp site you can walk down a path to the falls and bring a tube and a towel to either sit on the rocks by the falls or go swimming in the natural water pools that form near the falls. The campgrounds have a new bath house that they added 2 years ago with more shower and bathroom stalls. most of the sites have water bu there are no electric sites at this location however the bath houses have electric for shaving hair dryers etc.  the camp ground is family friendly but if noise is a problem do not camp here its a mix of young and old but very noisey campers. On Friday night each campground was trying to drown out the other with music and drinking games and finally settled down by 1 am. On Saturday however the security patrol made sure that music was turned down by 10 pm and you could here the crickets they even made sure that the sites that were using the generators silenced them.Saturday morning we woke up packed some sandwitches and drinks in a cooler and headed to the river right behind the campground office where we took to large rafts on a 5 mile journey from our camp site to the next landers campsite down the Delaware river.the water was 68 degrees very nice for a dip and the river was really moving with current so our trip took about 3 hours when the river is slow it can take up to 5 hours with lots of paddling. during our trip we saw an American bald eagle that was nested along the river it flew overhead with a baby eagle was an amazing site happened so fast i could not get a picture, there is a national eagle nesting area and look out midway between the campgrounds that is open top the public for people to view the birds. there are a few sections of mild rapids that are fun,  you can see this part of the river is kid friendly we had a 3 year old with us with no trouble. They offer canoe and tube rentals for the more adventures. when we Were done we docked our rafts and went up to the camp store and got some ice cream while we waited for the free shuttle bus back up river to our campsite. we organized a great big volley ball game in the middle of the camping field they have 2 volley ball courts and lots of volleyballs to borrow.Off site there is  a nice supermarket country store about 5 miles south in town (narrowsburg) called pecks market that has anything you need and a tree cutting business just up the road that filled my buddies truck with fire wood for 20.00 I felt so bad like he was giving the wood away that i tipped him 10.00 and he looked at me like i was rockafella lol.I have attached some picture links of our campsite and our rafts on the river cant wait till next year!

I so have to go to the grey side and get a hybrid allready. Yesterday the weather was so nice here in the northeast I popped the pup and removed none essential stuff and added stuff that we need. Its been pretty tough figuring it all out for this season because we bought a new tow veh. although it has a bigger towing capacity 6000lbs, it has much less cargo area for all of our stuff. I actually took a few pictures since the organizational layout is new to me so i can remember to fit it back in after the next trip next weekend. Do you have a system for organizing your camper and are you out growing the camper that you are currently in? inquiring minds want to know. As you can see by the pictures not and inch of room left. The main hall area will be taken up by my two coolers one for drinks the other for cold food. Transporting the coolers in the camper is key & helps clear up the TV quite nicely. I simply slide them in last before we go lock the door so they don't end up on the road side and away we go!  under one of my bench seats the other is just as packed!  main cabin area beds slide over dinette area

« on: March 19, 2014, 08:58:33 AM »
As the spring finally approaches (thank God) and many of us get ready to tow our campers to the first outing of the season. Be very mindful of the roadsurface here in the Northeast. The trend in most county's has been; We don't have any money to fix the roads so we wont! The roads in and around NY/NJ look more like navigating the surface of the moon. I am sure everyone reading this is experiencing the same in there area. Keep in mind that most trailer tires are A LOT smaller then regular auto tires and can fall deep into the holes in the road causing a blow out and or wheel damage or even worse causing the trailer to sway. You get the idea. What can one do? Well first off would be a great idea to simply adjust your speed maybe by dropping it down about 10 mph or so to allow you more reaction time to avoid the hole. If its raining while your towing  you may never even see the hole as they fill with water and look harmless. 2ND I found that I have change my driving habits all together to include scanning the pavement as i drive. Most of us have been trained to only look ahead and to the sides. Takes a little time to adjust to this kind of driving but well worth it. And 3rd, definitely a great time to check the air pressure in your tires to make sure you are at to or close to capacity (having more air between you and the road can definitely help) CHECKING your lug nuts can also help avoid loosing a wheel. All I can say is thank god my PUP doesn't have low profile tires like My daily driver (Mercedes) I am on my 5Th Tire and counting... for the season. Last week ONE POTHOLE took out 2 on the same side. Pot holes 5 Jonathan 0, Looks like the pot holes are wining :'( :'( :'(

« on: December 30, 2013, 03:57:50 PM »
I bumped into  the Canvass Campers GNOME  in an undisclosed location in northern NJ warming his buns by the fire on a cold winter day. He told me he can't wait to get out to the spring opener at French Creek in March. He may actual make a few more undisclosed appearances between now and then. How can you tell it's really the canvass campers gnome? well just look closely at his reflection in the fire!

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