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Kayaking / Inflatable Kayak
« on: June 16, 2016, 09:13:28 AM »
I would like to buy a kayak for my son and I to use on our next camping trip.  DW has declined the purchase of a 2 person kayak....they are too expensive and she doesn't think I will use it enough to warrant the purchase  :-[  She did say if it was $150 or less then OK but I haven't found anything, even used, for less than $500. 

I see inflatable kayaks in my price range that I could get DW to approve.  However, I have this fear in my mind that inflatable kayaks are toys and a PIA.  What are your thoughts?  I can rent a kayak for $50 for the day but 3 rentals would equal the purchase of this and I would have something I could have fun with my son a few more times in the future. 

I found THIS on Amazon.  What are your thoughts on it?  Is it a toy?  Will it be a PIA to paddle?

BTW, my son is 6 and probably would not contribute much to paddling if at all.  Combined we would be about 325 pounds. 

Mods / Why have a bathroom sink so close to the kitchen sink.
« on: June 12, 2016, 08:50:18 PM »
I always questioned why campers have a bathroom sink 4 feet away from the kitchen sink.  Just brush your teeth in the kitchen sink!!!  I moved my medicine cabinet into the bathroom.  I have been thinking about what to do with the sink.  Remove it, cap the water lines, then I have to deal with the sewer line.  I finally decided it was more trouble than it was worth.  I had some pergo flooring so I cut it out and put it over the sink so I can put keys , stuff, whatever on the new counter.  I have to think a little more about what else to do.  I'm thinking of putting a shelf the same size only over the outlet and faucet.

Mods / More Shelves!!
« on: June 12, 2016, 08:26:32 PM »
My TT has very few shelves or storage.  I have been staring at the back of my dinette seat thinking I have 5 inches of room to the edge of the door that I could do something with.  Well, I finally did something with it.

Three metal shelves that are exactly 5 inches wide.  They were $4 each.  I staggered the shelves to make room for the fire extinguisher. 

This is the inside of the back of my seat.  There is a hollow section in the back of the seat.  There was a wood frame on the edge but I needed to fish a piece of wood for support in the middle. 

Mods / More Counter Space
« on: June 10, 2016, 08:52:03 AM »
My TT had NO counter space.  There were inches around the sink and stove and a board that could go over one of the double sinks.  I needed to do something about it.....Here is my solution!!!!

The original counter space

I'm guessing I just increased my counter space by 80%

I hinged it so I can fold it when we open the couch for sleeping

I used folding leg supports to support the table when open.  I used 4 typical hinges where it connects to the existing counter.

Off Topic / How's your Pool?
« on: May 26, 2016, 09:02:39 AM »
'tis the season for pool openings here in the North East.  How's your pool doing?  I have come to the conclusion that most people who have pools eventually become their own chemist and have done some questionable things to solve problems. 

I opened my above ground pool last Sunday.  I have had it for 5 years and this is the first time it was ugly when I opened it.  The cover was old and had holes in it.  I think that was the problem.  It let debris and dirty water go under the cover which caused there to be a lot of dirt and stuff in the water and for it to be very cloudy on the verge of going green. 

I shocked it and filtered it all week long.  The water is clearing up.  My vacuum head broke so I have a new one coming tomorrow so I can do another good job vacuuming. 

I need to get my PH up.  I ran out of PH rise :banghead:  From what I have heard it is not the chlorine that burns your eyes it is low you agree?  What do you test your water for?  I regularly test chlorine and PH and when I go to the pool store they test for everything and I usually need to adjust the alkalinity.  Do you test alkalinity at home?  When I add chemicals I know it says so many pounds to add to raise so much for this much you do that?  I am at the point where I just dump some of the chemicals in and retest and add some more if needed. 

Towing / Adjusting Trailer Brakes
« on: May 06, 2016, 01:59:24 PM »

I have a prodigy 3 brake controller.  The picture above is not from my truck, I just borrowed the pic from photobucket.

I know the proper way to adjust your trailer brakes is in an empty parking lot do 20mph and hit the brakes adjusting the wheel until the trailer brakes lock up and then back them off a little.  I have done this but then as I'm driving at cruising speeds, 45mph up, it seems like the trailer brakes aren't doing much so then I adjust the wheel to work a bit more.  Then when I slow down if they lock up I just adjust the wheel a little less.  Basically I have come to the conclusion that I just turn the wheel a bit every now and then to adjust them as I'm driving.  Is this normal?  What do you do? 

I am towing a 5,000-6,000# TT with a dual axle. 

Mods / New Rubber Roof Coating
« on: April 26, 2016, 05:51:48 PM »
My 2006 TT has an EPDM rubber roof.  These roofs have about a 10 year lifespan from what I understand.  I do not have any roof leaks but my RV mechanic checked it out and said it is about time for some maintenance BEFORE I have a leak.  I trust the guy.  He knows I do a lot of my own work and what my capabilities are.

He sold me some Kool Seal rubber roof type paint stuff....about $60 per gallon.  2 gallons of primer and 2 gallons of the roof stuff, I paid $230 for the stuff.  He said I could go to Home Depot and buy some Kool Seal stuff cheaper, $100 for 5 gallons, but it is not the same stuff and will not hold up.  He was insistant that I use the primer and then top coat. Also the roof must be dry with no rain in the forecast as I do this.    Could I have gotten it cheaper on Amazon....probably, but sometimes it is worth it to pay the local guy so I can pick his brain on different stuff (that's the same reason I buy pool chemicals from my local guy and not Wal Mart) 

So the first step is cleaning the roof.  I was originally afraid to go up on the roof fearing I would harm the rubber roof.  Nope.  I can walk all around up there no problem.  Now I won't say it isn't freaky feeling it move a bit but it will hold me.  I was also afraid to hit it with a power washer.  He said don't worry.  As long as I am not using the crazy strong tip and keeping it about 8 inches away I won't do damage.  I used just some soap and a scrub brush to clean the roof the first time.  The next time I go up there I will go up with some chemicals.  The roof was dirty.  I park under a tree. 

My second step is cleaning the roof again.  I'll take some pictures next time I'm up there. 

Once I have the roof clean I will find a dry weekend to paint the roof.  It should be just a matter of cutting in and then rolling the rest. 

I will keep this thread updated so others can learn from my mistakes  :D

Biking / Bike Rack
« on: April 19, 2016, 02:19:13 PM »
I recently purchased a new pickup truck with a  cap on the back of it and I have been thinking about how best to transport my bicycles when I go for a daily ride and when I go camping and have the trailer.  Allamuchy Joe showed me his set up with fork mounts on a 2x4 in the bed of the truck.  I liked that and I even had the fork mounts in my amazon shopping cart.  Then I found a receiver hitch for the bumper of my trailer at a yard sale for $5. 

Hmmmm Now I'm thinking of getting a bike rack that fits the receiver hitch on the truck when I am driving around town and I can then switch it to the bumper of the TT when I go camping.  Or I may go back to the fork mount bracket and 2x4 setup.....but then I loose cargo room in the truck when camping.....but it will be locked up and out of the elements. 

What type of hitch bike rack do you have?  Do I need the $400 Thule bike rack or can I get the $50 Harbor Freight one if I go for a hitch rack? 

Plumbing & Winterization / Dump Station Etiquette
« on: April 14, 2016, 11:33:03 AM »
HERE is an interesting article about Dump Station Etiquette. 

RV dump station etiquette doesnít come naturally to newbie RVers. Unless youíre a sanitation engineer at the local sewer treatment plant, getting comfortable around bodily waste and sewer water is an acquired habit.
One way to accelerate the process is to learn how to get in and get out of RV dump stations as quickly and cleanly as possible.
These RV dump station etiquette tips make the job easier.

1. Maintain Your Gate Valves

RV waste dump gate valves keep your holding tank waste safely sealed until you can connect a hose and dump. But the more you use your RV, the more those gate valves seals will wear out and allow waste water to drip through.
Youíll know this is happening when you uncap your RV sewer drain and nasty waste water escapes before you pull the handle that opens the valve.
If this happens at a communal dump station, your sewer water can spread pathogens and disease to the next RVer. Yuk!
Donít put off the job: itís easy to replace RV waste dump valves.
Be polite. Keep RV waste dump valves maintained.

2. Donít Spread Germs

Use the right tools for the right job. RV dump station etiquette means having a proper RV sewer hose with tight fitting connections, disposable gloves and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer or wipes.
The fewer times your waste water germs make contact with the ground and dump station utilities, the less chance you have to spread disease.
Be a good RVer and wipe down contaminated surfaces before you go. The next time you visit a communal dump station it could be you contracting a diarrheal disease.

3. Dump Black First, Then Gray

Open and dump your RV black water first. A clear sewer hose fitting can give you a birds-eye view of the contents coming out of your tank.
Although itís gross to watch, at least youíll know when your black tank is empty. Once it is, now you can pull the valve for your gray water tanks and allow your bathroom and kitchen water to flow and rinse out the sewer hose.
This lessens the chance of spreading feces and urine pathogens at the dump station outlet.
This connector makes it easy to know when your tanks are empty.

4. Move Up for Potable Water

If the public dump station potable water spigot is just a few feet up from your rig, donít try to make your water hose reach.
Just turn the key and move up so youíre closer to the source. This allows the next camper to dump while you get fresh water.
It also greatly decreases the risk of contaminating your fresh water hose with sewer water bacteria.
Once youíre at the fresh water spigot why not decontaminate it with bleach wipes before you connect your hose, like these RVers recommend.

5. RV Dump Station Etiquette Means a Fast, Clean Getaway

The biggest rule of RV dump station etiquette? Get rid of your holding tank contents as swiftly and cleanly as possible.
Be courteous and donít forget to put your gloves and garbage in proper receptacles. This is not the time to back-flush your tanks Ė save that chore for a full-hookup campsite.
Also, please donít leisurely chat on the phone, allow your passengers to take showers or eat a sandwich (yes, weíve seen it).
Thereís nothing more nauseating than waiting in line at a public dump station and smelling other campersí waste until itís your turn.
Dumping tanks doesnít have to be an epic Hollywood RV disaster. Practice good manners along with these simple disease prevention tips and youíll be back on the road in no time.



Introduction and Show Off / Back in a Toyota....New Tow Vehicle!!!
« on: April 05, 2016, 09:11:39 AM »
Last month I said bye bye to my Dodge and slid back into my preferred Toyota. 

This is a 2007 Tundra with a CrewMax Cab.  It has a 5.7 liter motor with 381 Horsepower and 401 lb of Torque.  I can tow 10,100 #'s.  :omg: Time to start looking for a bigger trailer. 

What really sold me on this particular one was the CrewMax cab.  I did loose some length in the bed (5'5" bed -vs- 6')  but I think I'd rather have the room in the cab then the bed.  I have a utility trailer when I want to haul long stuff. 

Since this truck has such high tow rating I have a Class IV hitch, not a Class III hitch.  The big difference.....I needed to get a new pin for all of my hitches.  The receiver is made from thicker steel so the typical pin I had for all of my other hitches was barely long enough.  So I bought a new longer pin.  It really puzzled me why I would need a longer pin until I realized it was a different class hitch. 

MPG is 14 around town but unlike my last truck, I do see an increase on the highway.  And when I towed my TT to the Spring Opener I only went down to 12.5.....I can live with these numbers. 

This is my 5th Toyota....I'm in my happy place. 

Towing / Blind spot mirrors
« on: March 16, 2016, 01:16:47 PM »
Do you use blind spot mirrors?  How big are they?  Where do you put them on your existing mirror?  On my Class C RV I had big trucker mirrors and I added big 4 inch blind spot mirrors that were on a separate bar that let me use the full regular mirror and then have a big a$$ blind spot mirror as well.  Now I need to choose the best option for my pickup.  Do I want a big blind spot mirror that takes away from the regular mirror or a small blind spot mirror that may be difficult to see stuff in because it is small.  I bought the biggest blind spot mirror at Wal Mart and put it in the outside lower corner of my mirrors.  I like the blind spot addition but I'm not sure if I'm liking the location and how much of the regular mirror I'm loosing. 

What are your thoughts / suggestions on blind spot mirrors?

What's Cookin / New Pots
« on: March 11, 2016, 01:50:17 PM »

I am retiring my old camping aluminum nesting pots.  Similar to what I have above. 

What do you use and why do you like it? 

I like the nesting feature of my pots because that is what I have always used when tent camping with the boy scouts and I had this set when I started popup camping.  Now I am in a Travel Trailer and I don't think I need to worry so much about nesting as perfect as my other set did.  I'm thinking I want Teflon pots for ease of cleaning. 

What type of pots do you use?  I'm thinking I need only 1 big pot, 1 medium pot, and 1 frying pan.  Anything else?

Mods / Repairing a soft floor
« on: March 06, 2016, 08:39:26 PM »
My new to me TT....2006 Skyline Nomad has a soft spot in the bathroom floor.  I have had it for a year and it is time to tackle this repair.  Hopefully it won't turn into a huge PIA.  We'll see. 

Here is a before pic of the bathroom.

And my first look at the floor.  I was able to just pull up the main soft spot in the floor with my hands and create a hole.  The floor joist there seems to be solid.  I need to finish cutting the floor out....I needed to know how thick the plywood was to set my blade depth first.  I'll update as I go on. 

What's Cookin / Least thought out camping menu
« on: February 05, 2016, 09:46:38 AM »
On my last camping trip in January I literally stood in the kitchen 10 minutes before I left and just grabbed some food.  It was a unique menu to say the least.  I only had to feed myself so I didn't have to worry about a picky 6yo  :baseballhat:

I had sausage at homes so that is what I took. 

Friday night was Italian sausage on white bread with a slice of cheese.  Cooked on a hot dog stick. 
Breakfast was 3 eggs.
Lunch was another sausage sandwich with some EZ mac
Dinner was going to be sausage again with some pasta but another friend picked up a sausage on it  :dance: 
For a snack I had some cheese and crackers. 

What was your least thought out camping menu?  Have you ever bought your entire menu for the weekend out of the camp store?  What did you have?

Pre & Post Trip Ideas & Report / Anyone camping this weekend?
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:49:23 AM »
I'm snowed in in Pennsylvania.  Anyone on the West Coast camping?  I need some camping stories to keep me from getting cabin fever. 

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