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Off Topic / Curbside to go.....Do you Tip?
« on: March 25, 2011, 12:42:10 PM »
DW and I did takeout or curbside to go from Applebee's the other day for dinner.  Many places have the same concept.  They bring the food out to you rather than you getting out of your car and going inside to pick it up. 

So, Do you tip the person who brings the food to your car?

I used to be a bellman in a hotel and I do believe in tipping.  However, I do not feel I need to tip this guy.  A waiter or waitress is coming back and forth to my table, bringing me drinks, how is my meal, cleaning up (or the busboy) so I will tip the waiter or waitress.  TIP stands for To Insure Prompt Service.  What is this guy actually doing that deserves a tip?

What happened to really tick me off about this particular situation was that we paid with a gift card and the guy said "are you going to use the rest of your gift card?" there was $3 left on it.  I said "yes".  Now what was going thru his mind?????  I saved my receipt and I am going to go back again soon to see if this guy ran my gift card thru again to eat up that remaining $3 thinking I would probably loose the card or think nothing of it if it came up as $0. 

BTW- I will tip if the food is bad, that is the cooks fault, not the waiter or waitress.

Off Topic / Paper or Plastic or Reusable BAGS
« on: December 08, 2010, 10:07:33 PM »
I just read Joes topic about PAPER OR PLASTIC and I really thought it was going to be about shopping bags.  Boy did I get suckered. 

So, What bags do you use when you go to the store? 

I usually take the reusable bags but I do forget and will use Plastic bags.  I like to get paper bags once in awhile so that I can put the paper recycling into them. 

I don't like when a cashier doesn't put many items in a bag, no matter what type of bag.  Those plastic bags can hold alot more than what they typically put in and the reusable bags can handle like 30 or 40#'s.

I really really dislike when a cashier double bags 1 gallon of milk.  WTF???  Don't even bother putting the milk in a bag, it has its own handle!!!  :doh:

About 3 years ago DW and I asked our family to get us the reusable bags from various stores for Christmas.  I'm all about odd and weird gifts.  We got about 10 different kinds and have been using them (when we remember) ever since.  The problem is remembering the darn things.  It took awhile but what I need to do is once I bring the groceries in I have to bring the bags right back out to the car.  I used to hate going to BJ's or Sams club 'cause they don't have bags or a 4 sided box.  Now I bring my bags there as well. 

Introduction and Show Off / Bon Bini from Lone Lock
« on: November 23, 2010, 09:01:08 PM »
Bon Bini Everyone !!!!

I used to work at the Caribbean Beach Resort at Disney and we had to say Bon Bini as a greeting to everyone.  It was supposed to mean Hello or Welcome or something like that.  It didn't go over to well, they were hoping it would come across like Aloha when you walked into the Polynesian Resort.  Enough useless info.

I have decided to join up to see what's going on here.  I never did an introductory post on the other website so I'll do it here. 

Hi, I'm Matt and I have a popup.  I camped for years in a tent with the Boy Scouts.  I have a 1 year old son and I am not enthused about sleeping on the ground again when he gets into Scouting (but I will do it).  My wife and I bought a starter popup 3 years ago for $600 to make sure DW could tolerate it before we spent more money.  We upgraded last year to a larger popup for more $$$ and DW is tolerating it better.  I think I will have to upgrade again to a HTT in order for her to start actually enjoying it.  Oh well, I don't mind spending money  ;)

Why Lone Lock?????
Just this past weekend DW and I drove 2 vehicles to NJ and we had 2 way radios going 'cause she has never driven to my mothers house alone.  I started calling her "Hot Mama" and told her to call me Lone Lock.  That was my CB handle in High School.  "Lone" as in Lone Ranger and "Lock" as in Polock since I am Polish.  She thought it was dumb and said Polish Ranger made more sense.   So just to resurrect Lone Lock again I decided to bring it back.

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