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Leveling & Stabilization / Re: Stepping Out!
« Last post by 2HappyCampers on Yesterday at 10:38:25 PM »
..... I don't mind using lynx levelers but I don't want DBF to step too quickly and go Godzilla on the stack of lynx levelers......

Ohhh, I want to see Godzilla!!!

General Campfire Discussion / What's best to buy in the off season?
« Last post by Ihearbanjos on Yesterday at 06:38:28 PM »
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but the holidays are coming! I need lots of new things for my new to me camper, another hose, a step stool, a ladder, more clips, and lots more things I haven't realized yet. Most things are a few bucks here and a few bucks there but they add up.

What have you seen go on sale during the holidays that's best to wait for?
Example I waited for Black Friday and got a nice platform bench for cheaper than normal.

What shouldn't you wait to buy?
I found out it's not good to wait to buy a hose, Walmart's all out of the cheap garden hoses now.
Leveling & Stabilization / Stepping Out!
« Last post by MariskaHargitay on Yesterday at 06:30:05 PM »
I've never had a problem previously, but the step in my camper is just too small, or too much of a step down or something. All I know is my back hurts by the end of the trip, and I think it's because I turn to make sure I get the step on my way out. I don't mind using lynx levelers but I don't want DBF to step too quickly and go Godzilla on the stack of lynx levelers.

It makes sense to me to go out and get the right one first. I want folding, and adjustable makes sense to me since all sites are different.

What steps have you bought that you liked? Have you bought anything that you hated?
Towing / Re: Towing with extra mirrors
« Last post by Ihearbanjos on Yesterday at 06:20:50 PM »
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I couldn't find anything specific for my vehicle so I ended up just taking a chance and trusting Amazon reviews. I must say I'm very happy with the mirrors I got. They clip on easily and the strap sort of ratchets on so I don't have to worry about pulling. I can get them on in about 2 minutes and the vibration isn't too bad. I don't have to wear garden gloves to pull them tight, and they don't feel like they're going to fall off. I'm pleased!
July - Coming Soon! / Re: Summer on the Delaware
« Last post by Elmira Fudd on Yesterday at 06:10:22 PM »
Yes the campground has new owners. The owners are a relative to the people who own Colonial Woods which is a very nice Campground. I agree it needed some TLC I am looking forward to see what the owner has improved
July - Coming Soon! / Re: Summer on the Delaware
« Last post by MariskaHargitay on Yesterday at 05:56:29 PM »
Ringing rocks was the very first campground and trip that started samebutdifferent and I camping

Funny, Ringing Rocks Family Campground was the nail in the coffin to my tent camping. The site was small and even though it was a tent site there wasn't a good level spot. the neighbors on the left had a husky that howled at midnight when they went to take a shower (after finally shutting off their music). Then at 6 am we got to listen to what I hope was a fad tickling his two daughters for the better part of an hour. They had a path to the bathroom listed on the map which was overgrown and not easily used. Every time we went to the bathroom we pulled a weed or broke a branch, by the end of the weekend it was easier to navigate.

It's been probably 6 years and I've been wanting to go back. I heard it's under new management and I didn't get to check out the RV sites but with this group, the sites don't really matter!

Upper black eddy is one of my favorite areas. Bring good hiking shoes and a hammer for the boulder field!
General Campfire Discussion / Re: Equalizer hitch
« Last post by MariskaHargitay on Yesterday at 05:48:32 PM »
A  mNYh ago I would have been! Luckily someone awesome gave me one they weren't using. Maybe 2HappyCampers (rob and robin)might be interested? I hear the hybrid bug has been nibbling at their ears.
General Campfire Discussion / Equalizer hitch
« Last post by Ladyhawke on October 16, 2017, 07:50:05 PM »
Is anybody interested in purchasing a used 600lb/6000lb equalizer hitch?  If so, make an offer and we can bring it to the closer.
Watkins Glen, NY / Re: Watkins Glen State Park - June 2018
« Last post by thingette1 on October 16, 2017, 06:19:42 PM »
There are 11 electric sites available in the Mohawk Loop and 8 cabins available in the next loop.
The Group Rally Zone! / Re: CanvasCampers Rally History
« Last post by JoeCamper on October 16, 2017, 05:25:21 AM »
June 2019 we are going to Niagara Falls, any other month is yours.
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