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Campgrounds, State Parks, Etc / 50% off Pacamping .com coupon
« on: June 17, 2015, 06:52:04 PM »
Anyone who camps in PA, CBS Local Offers has a deal going through for a $50 gift certificate for $25. No expiration. It's the third one down.

Best Regards,

Well, now that we have our first trip in our new Jayco X23F in the bag, I figured it is time to report on the whole purchase process to getting home yesterday from out first trip in it.

When looking for our new trailer, we did our research and knew what we wanted. I did a scour of Jayco dealers in a 200 mile radius to get the best pricing for us and settled on Chesaco RV in Gambrills, MD. The Fretz online salesman sent a rude return to our inquiry, which was suprising and I contacted Steve Fretz directly about that, and Whitehorse RV didn't seem interested in getting us the model we wanted, so I went with the place that wanted to play ball.

Skip ahead to the day of our PDI and my wife and I with our two older girls showed up at 10:30 for our run through. First words out of our salesmans mouth is "there's a problem". we go out and he shows us the tenting of the left pop out and it is pretty much destroyed along the top seam like someone didn't out it away correctly a few times. He says that they will replace it and if we could leave it and they'll have it done within 2 weeks in time for our trip on Mother's Day weekend. No problem and we start the PDI. Everything is going smoothly and we start packing the tenting away since I had never done it and wanted to try it. We did the first two and no problems, we head to the front and we put it away and I look up and the edge of the top is dented in two places, like a pick up backed into it with its tailgate down. I tell my wife and she shows me a cabinet that the wood facing has been ripped away from the wood. I just told them I didn't even want the unit and I knew they had just gotten one in at their Joppa, MD location. They agree that I would just get that one but pickup would have to be put off for a couple of weeks when we had time again.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we head to Joppa with the baby and we will try this again. everything went smoothly, had the PDI again which was good because I had some questions from the first one and this guy seemed a lot better than the previous and everything went great. They weren't pushy with any extras and got us hooked up, showed me how to use the WDH and we were on our way.
We got her home and in the driveway on the first shot and the next day I went up on the roof to put on the new Maxx Air vent cover. Guess what I found??? NO VENT LID!!!!! Somehow it blew off on our way home, so I proceded to put on the cover to protect it from any rain and called first thing the next business day. They were very helpful and apologetic and agreed that they would just send me the parts and I would put it on myself so I didn't have to pull it all the way down there for $20 worth of parts.

Now, this past weekend we head out on our first trip and usually we head to Gettysburg for Mother's Day weekend. We left on Friday and headed out and got to Gettysburg Campground with no problems. Pulled in and parked it on the first shot yet again, (I'm getting good with this thing, yay me!) and set up with no problems.

We did our usual Friday night arrival dinner and everything was perfect until the neighbors decided they wanted to not participate in our peacefulness. They drank til at least three and kept my mother up most of the night since she was in the side bed and they decided to drink right next to her. The next morning we wake up and find this next to us.

Yes, that is one of them asleep on the picnic table. Well, the kids woke up at 8 and so did he, because they weren't going to let him sleep.  ;D
Also, my mother made sure they would be quieter the next night.

Most of the rest of the trip was fine, they had two dachsunds and of course they weren't on leashes and would wander over to our site, but they were old and harmless, but my wife got irked but she isn't a big fan of animals anyway.

We did get a little rain, but nothing bad and all in all a very uneventful trip and everything went smoothly with the trailer. We are very happy with our purchase and pretty much with Chesaco RV.

Well, thats the report and we will definitely be at Promised Land and trying to possibly get up to the Finger Lakes in July. Thanks for reading and hope to see you down the road soon.

Best Regards,

New and Pre-Purchase / The Gray Side
« on: April 02, 2014, 03:10:24 PM »
 Well, we have gotten confirmation on our financing and we pick up our new camper on April 18th.
 We purchased a 2014 Jayco X23F and my brother is taking the pop up. We knew the time would come, but the 5 of us have outgrown the pup. Plus with my mom coming with us, it was packed inside. Now we can spread out and be comfortable again.
 First trip will probabaly be Gettysburg on Mother's Day weekend. Our weekends are full now with dance lessons and practice for my 5 & 7 year old daughters.
Definitely will see everyone at Promised Land.

Best Regards,

Introduction and Show Off / New Camper has Arrived and........
« on: October 18, 2012, 04:31:03 PM »
it's a girl!! Grace Lillian arrived last Friday, 10/12/12 and is 7lbs 8oz, and 19 1/2 inches long. Anne and Gracie are doing well, and sisters Cadence(5) and Claire(4) are estatic. Here are a couple pictures:

Best Regards,

Pre & Post Trip Ideas & Report / Next Year Planning
« on: August 10, 2012, 10:52:35 AM »
My wife mentioned to me about possibly going to the 1000 Islands region next year for a trip and asked if I knew anything about it. Well, for once I know nothing about a subject, so I decided to come here and ask for any info that you would recommend me looking into or campgrounds in the area that you like. Not sure when we are going, but I might as well get started. Thanks in advance. BTW, I have 2 DD's that will be 4 & 6 at the time and a 9-10 month old that wll be here, if that would help for ideas.

Best Regards,

Leveling & Stabilization / DeWALT 18 Volt Drill on Sale
« on: November 24, 2011, 10:27:30 AM »
I don't know if anyone needs a Dewalt 18-volt drill, but Lowe's has them on sale I for today and tomorrow for $99 and shipping is free. Here is the link.
I have been using a B&D 12 volt that I had for years and is slowly losing it umph, especially for the stabilizers on the pop-up, so I picked one up.|A3-_-Spcl_Value|Dewalt_Drill_Buy

Best Regards,

Pre & Post Trip Ideas & Report / Our Trip to Fort Wilderness and Disney
« on: November 15, 2011, 05:56:06 PM »
Well, here is my first trip report. It's going to be a little slow, since I have to watch the girls at night and be forewarned that there aren't a lot of pictures of the Fort, since it was girls first trip to Disney. The cast of characters included myself at the age of 43, my wife Anne who is 34, my 70 year old mother who also name is Anne, and my darling daughters Cadence and Claire who are 4 & 3 respectively.

As some of you may or may not know, we decided not to tell the girls we were going and make it a surprise trip. Of course we had to tell them we were going somewhere, so we told them we were going to a race track that I had gone to and since they have been to Watkins Glen before this was nothing new, so off we went.....

We left at 11PM on Friday and this was a stop off in South Carolina at the welcome center on Saturday morning.

Cadence loves pine cones and SC has some big ones, so she was excited to find these.

We finally got into Florida and headed to the race track.

Got a tip to go around Jacksonville on 9A, it was simple and a nice quiet ride. Going to Daytona, we always headed down 95, now we have solved that nightmare.

We than proceeded to tell them, that we had about an hour to get to the campground we were staying at. We jumped on I-4 and headed West.
Made good time to Orlando and started seeing the signs.....

Down 192 we went and headed for THE SIGN where we were going to tell them.

Here is a link to the video of the magic moment.
Small | Large

That's it for this segment, more tomorrow.

Best Regards,

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