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Introduction and Show Off / Hello From Exeter twp PA
« on: February 02, 2015, 10:53:50 AM »
Hello!   I signed up a long time ago and then we moved to SC and didn't camp much.  We are back and in PA and love the area and are hoping to connect with people.     I am Gwen and he is Bob.  We have 3 daughters ages 23,22,19. The girls don't camp with us often but still come for dinner or spend one night.      Bob spent 29 yrs in the Coast Guard and Retired, We live in Exeter twp PA and love the Area.    I am originally from Massachusetts  GO PATS!   I Volunteer at our fire dept helping with Support and teaching fire safety .   

   I keep seeing the French creek Rally for years and it's really just 15 minutes from our house.  Bob just had his second knee replacement so I am a little weary of pulling the trigger but being so close to home... I could just ditch him at the house  ;) 

Any questions just ask.  we are pretty easy going.


Electric / trailer Pigtail replacement
« on: August 07, 2012, 02:58:53 PM »
When we left french creek couple weekends back we pinched the pigtail cord.(one that goes into the tow vechile)   

So we purchase a New Pigtail and one by one  disconnect each color one at a time and then re attach the new color.  going around like that for all 7 wires.    One thing I would like to mention the YELLOW wire was not attached on the trailer side..  Didnt even really see a yellow wire on the trail side (pig tail has it)?      after install the new plug.. pressed the breaks the radio goes out (in the camper)... turn the turn signals on in the car the lights go off on the outside of the camper...... and so on.. So nothing works at the same time    Used  a meter on the New cord and everything seems fine.     Cleaned the ground off also!      2 days to camping and we cant figure it out and the Place we bought it from doesnt have a clue. 

I told my husband when we picked it up from inspection a month ago I didnt think  the break lights worked right.   They had replace the BATTERY ground for us.. thats the only change they did.

I will be back at the storage place again to meet my husband when he gets home from Philly todaY... just looking for suggestions before some one has to die!    :D ;D :'(    HEHEH

General Campfire Discussion / Your Best camping story!?
« on: July 19, 2012, 03:37:39 PM »
We where in the Pocono's for  10 days, we had just about crossed over the bridge to get back to the campground and a Bear ran across infront of the car. I say "bbbbb BBB Bear"  my husband was like no way, and he backs the car up so we can see and he said to me I dont see anything and just that as he speaks a bear turns around and we see the Tan in her nose and 2 babies next to her.

Now I am saying omg!  I hope they dont cross the brige and come into the campground and then I yell, hurry lock the doors.. of course my husband said, " Bear's don't have Opposable thumbs they are not opening the handles."  Funny guy he thinks he is.

So we go back eat dinner ,sit around the fire and go to bed.  Around 12:30 am I hear a Bloody Scream coming from my daughters bunk end and I run down the other end reaching in the dark bunk grabbing my daughter as she is being MAULEd by a bear... To hear these words.   "MOM what in the hell are you doing" as I turn on the light and she is ok!  I said I thought the damn bear got you!  No she said " A daddy long legger crawled in my mouth.

Introduction and Show Off / New from Berks County PA
« on: July 15, 2012, 05:21:30 PM »
Hello, I am Gwen.  My Husband Bob just retired from the Coast Guard and we have moved back to PA!  We are so excited to get back into camping.  We have a KZ coyote hybrid and love it!     3girls 20,19 and 16.   I stumbled upon this forum when I typed into google search "french creek site 32" and wala here I am.   This year the camping will be local till the husband builds up some vaction time at the new job.    I am looking forward to meeting people who love to camp :)

Any questions ask away :)


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