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Towing / Breakaway not working
« on: September 17, 2017, 01:57:29 AM »
As you may, or may not, have read in my other post, I just got done with serving my brakes on our pup.

While I had them accessible I tested the breakaway by spinning the hub then pulling the breakaway pin out. I understand that if the breakaway is functioning properly the wheel should lock. This did not happen.

I understand that the breakaway works on 12v from the camper battery. I checked and everything was hooked up properly. It is also my understanding that if the camper is plugged into shore power (or an extension cord to the home in this case) the camper battery is effectively charging.

Please feel free to correct any of my assumptions above if they are mistaken.

So the new battery is or should be fully charged and is properly plugged in, and the breakaway is wired correctly. So what is not working here?

How can I check whether the power is getting from the battery to the brakes?

Is there a make or model that is preferable to replace the breakaway?

Is there some to test the integrity of the magnet in the brake drum?

Any info on the part required to replace the magnet in the brake drum if it is faulty?

Apologies for a 101 questions, but this is obviously no trivial matter and we are heading out on a 6 hour each way trip in a couple of weekends so I need to get fixed.


Towing / Fleetwood Niagra Brake Shoes
« on: September 17, 2017, 01:47:26 AM »
Hey folks

Just got done with a brake inspection and a repacking the bearings on our Fleetwood pup. It's actually a Hemlock model but other than ours I have never seen any info on the web about that model, so for all intents and purposes it's close enough to a Niagra to be one. So let's call it a Niagra as it seems everyone is more familiar with that...

Anyhoo, after inspecting and adjusting the drum brake shoes, I noticed they are really close to worn out, so I'd like to replace them ASAP. I just can't find any info online about which parts I need to buy. I searched this website too and apparently only two mentions of brakes in the entire post database.

So, anyone out there in canvas camper land know what brake shoes I need to order.


Wish us luck.

Trailer is packed, truck is serviced. Tomorrow we go off on our first camper trip, in our newly christened PUP Stevie Nicks (it's a Fleetwood, geddit).

It's only a three to four hour drive, depending on how much fun Los Angeles wants to be on a Friday morning. Hopefully we can get there on one tank of gas, I'm not ready to solve that particular puzzle yet. And it's a bit of a posh RV resort type place, so not proper camping, but it's all pull thru and level concrete pad. So a nice easy first time out.

I'll post some photos when we're there


Electric / Battery fuse or circuit breaker
« on: August 02, 2017, 03:44:54 AM »
Hi guys

Another noob question from me again today.

Looking to replace the ShortStop on my trailer battery but I'm unsure what amp rating to use. The old one is in real bad shape, rusted, corroded, wires feel loose.

I'm in half mind to use a weather proof fuse holder instead. Is there a benefit to one over the other (fuse/CB) and what size amps should I use?


Pop-Up Campers / Turn signal relay and wiring
« on: July 30, 2017, 02:36:33 PM »
 Hi guys

So one week before we head out on our first trip I realize that the turn signal that is not working was not due to a bad bulb. After testing and switching out three bulbs on both sides, it turns out the driver side turn signal has a fault in the wiring.

From what I can tell there is no relay on board, as the PUP signals blink in time with the truck signal, which leads me to believe everything is run off the truck relay.

So, how do I troubleshoot the wiring? How do I get to it? The tail light assembly panel is riveted - not screwed - to the body, so I can't remove and replace it. The wiring goes inside the hull, under the bed, and is hidden from any obvious access.

Obviously I have a few dats to get this fixed. I cannot head out with no turn signal. Any help or advice how to fix, or get to the wiring to troubleshoot, would be massively appreciated.


General Campfire Discussion / Campground etiquette
« on: July 20, 2017, 02:08:47 PM »
What importance is campground etiquette to you all? Does it weigh into your decision where to camp, or not?

I'm in the position of having to cancel last minute and try to rebook somewhere else for next weekend. Not easy this time of year. The park website sells itself as quite family oriented, but having just read TripAdvisor, Yelp and RVParkReviews ratings t sounds anything but. My wife picked out this park so I went with it and din not do my due diligence and check all reviews beforehand.

Am I putting too much importance on what a handful of campers wrote (even though they all wrote the same complaints - loud, rowdy, cussing, drinking, no security to enforce quiet times, tightly packed RV sites, very crowded peak times, etc etc).

Any positive or negative experience in this regard?


How far have you driven and towed your camper to get to your destination?

This is a great big country with so many amazing sights to see and destinations to visit. But I always feel limited to the three day weekend radius, never more than a 6 hour drive to a camp ground. I was reading bout all the cool rallies and camping experiences over on the east side and began to wonder if I'd ever venture that far out.

So how far have you travelled to get where you're going, in a single day or multiple day trip?

Pop-Up Campers / New PUP camper with lots of questions
« on: July 18, 2017, 01:31:10 AM »
Hi folks. I made a full introduction in the New Members forum so I won't repeat myself here.

As this is my first trailer there are many things I'm unsure of or parts I need help  finding...

The main problem at this point, two weeks before we head out on our first trip, is finding shower curtain hooks. There is an aluminum shower curtain rail in our Fleetwood, but it didn't come with a shower curtain. Many hours wasted searching online and I cannot find a suitable runner or hook or whatever you might call it. The rail is an I beam style and quite small. Any ideas?

Regarding the plumbing, we have a toilet, but it looks as if it just pops out and manually empty s like our Thetford camping potty. In this case, I assume we do not need any kind of sewer hose, even with full hook ups?

Using the grey water tank for the sink, how do we empty this? The cap screws off but I assume the water will just spill out everywhere. Is there a trick or an accessory to this?

Is there a way to charge the RV battery from the truck alternator while we are driving/towing?

I see a lot of drinking water hoses for sale at RV stores. Do these hook up to the water bib at the camp site? Is this water safe to drink, or are these hoses a waste of money?

What's an appropriate pressure for the PUP tires?

Regarding the clean water tank, is it safe to fill at home and drive with it, or are you meant to fill up at the camp site. Is there usually a hose bib at campground entrances, or do you need to run a long hose from a shred bib in the ground?

Thanks for baring with me. I feel I'm going to make a complete tit of myself on our first few trips until I get the hang of this.

Cheers for any help and advice

Introduction and Show Off / New camper from Cali
« on: July 18, 2017, 01:00:58 AM »
Greeting folks. A full on trailer towing noob here from Fullerton California. My wife and son have tent camped for many many years. But our last trip to the Sierras October past we realized, as one does, we're getting too old for this shit. It's a long way down to an uncomfortable air mattress on the lumpy floor. And an even longer way back up. We decided that after years of talking about it we should just bloody well do it.

So we did. Found a used pup on Craigslist for a decent price and jumped at it there and then. We ain't getting any younger, and neither is our 12 year old.

It's a 2004 Fleetwood Hemlock. 26' fully open hitch is waaaaaay bloody bigger than I was expecting. And it's not exactly petite when fully folded either. But it's lovely and spacious inside. Two king beds, shower, toilet, AC, full kitchen, slide out diner, microwave and a surprisingly good stereo.

First thing we did was reupholster the interior. Gave the frame a fresh coat of Rustoleum. New battery, new tires. Replaced the brass hardware. Replaced some rotten plywood with lumber. Plans for more mods.

Anyhow, it's a whole new world to us, so be prepared for a bombardment of questions. There's so much I have no clue about. The two hour drive back through LA rush hour traffic was a baptism of fire for my first tow. My first attempt at backing into the driveway amused the neighborhood. But the boy and I hooked it up this weekend and went to practice parking it at city hall parking lot and it wasn't too bad.

Thanks well in advance for any help this community can offer as we venture into the great outdoors with our new toy.

AKA Adam from England

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