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Check out my new dog treats!!


Lone Lock:
I guess I should have put a comma in the title.....Check out my new dog, Treats!!! 

We already have a dog Basil, previously DW and I had Pepper, and as a kid I had Ginger.  DW and I had 3 names picked out for DS to choose from.  Pesto, Oregano, and Chilli.  When we went to the rescue to pick him up DS just said "can we call him Treats?"  DW and I looked at each other and said OK....that's his name.  Now we feed the dogs scoobie snacks.

Treats is a 4 month old Black Lab.  He was born in North Carolina and wound up at Too Love a Canine Rescue in Pennsylvania.  We love Basil who is a 12yo char-pei/fox terrier mix but he doesn't play anything.  He is very loyal and will be at my side off leash all over the house and yard but wants nothing to do with fetch or any toys.  We wanted a dog DS could play with and be "his" dog.  He has plenty of toys he likes to play with and we play fetch every night to tire him out before he goes in his crate.

Basil does not like many other dogs but he is doing great with Treats......he's ignoring him.  Unless Treats tries to come up on our bed.  That is HIS territory.  I wonder what it's going to be like the first time we go in the RV and Treats tries to ride shotgun.  Basil doesn't even let DW in that seat.

Well, the lack of comma had me... I thought you were sharing a recipe for dog treats  ;)

Congrats on the newest member of the family. He seems to be fitting right in!

FWIW, our cat is named Sage.

Lone Lock:
The best dog treats....or scoobie snacks as we call them now......I picked up at a garage sale.  It was a rainy Saturday and I had my neice, nephew, and son out.  We scored so much free stuff that day and this one house we bought something for $1 and then the guy is like "Do you have a dog?".  His wife's Uncle had a startup company making wholesome dog treats and he sent 2 cases to her.  But they didn't have a dog :rofl: So he was giving them away.  They were in real packaging and stuff, not in a ziplock bag so it was legit.  I grabbed 2 bags and Basil....and now Treats LOVE them.  I also like that the packaging closes with velcro instead of ziplock type strip so it is easier to close.  I never get those ziplock strips to work right. 


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