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 I'm new here, looks great and have a question.  When you take your young kids camping, do they just stay up until late at night until they pass out from shear exhaustion? Does anyone send them to bed in the pup (closer to their normal bedtime at home) and they actually go to sleep?

I can't comment on how other families do it, (and we are a much older couple now in our 50's), but when we camped with our kids, we allowed them to stay up as late as they wanted and let them crash.
It served two purposes, it was a reward and motivator for them to look as camping as a fun time and not just something they have to do with Mom & Dad, and it allowed for the wonder thing that only got done while camping - sleeping in (even if just for a hour more) :)

Lone Lock:
I have a 7yo son who has been camping with this group since he was 9 months old.  When he was really young my wife would go to bed early with him. 

Around 5yo I would put him in the camper with a movie around 9 or earlier to start calming him down and get ready to sleep.  Plus the topic of conversation starts to change the later it gets.  Often he would fall asleep with the movie.  I won't say there were not times I'd look at the clock and see it is 10 and my son was still up. 

Now I decide depending on if my son is cranky, he is running around like a mad man and might get hurt, or if my wife is with us and she wants him in bed by she likes to go to bed early.

My nephew, who is now 12, loves sitting quietly by the campfire until real late.  He would be up at midnight with us.  He has been doing that since he was 9.     

im the crazy auntie, and i took other peoples kids camping with me & my mom. 
i say start em young!

 in summer,  barely dusk at 9pm. yes, i let them stay up late for moonlight walks by the lake. blankets in the back of my truck & StarWalk app to learn about stars.  campfires & marshmallows. 

whisper mode after 10pm.
enforce safety rules, slide on home rules. 

take solar lights, glow sticks & glow necklaces, one for every kid, every night. (dollar tree.) and the dog! 
walkie talkies are kid cool,they can be in their tent & check in w adults.
they were always asleep by 11:30.
they had a great time because "im not strict, im sensible"

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 when my kids were younger they stayed up with us until they got tired and then would put themselves to bed or sometimes we'd all go to bed at the same time.    the thing with camping as I just went with the flow.    I also have a friend whose child really did well on a schedule so she would put their child to bed at 9 and it work for them. 

I've only been with this group for two years and they are amazing people.  Hope to meet you soon


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