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My interest years ago were to bring people together with the love of camping and the outdoors, to promote family time together and family memories. My goal today hasn't changed.

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Outdoor Blogs

Posted by: beemerchef, Yesterday at 11:29:20 PM
Replies: 178

Board: Outdoor Blogs
Views: 24357

xxInto our "7th" year full time camping...
Posted by: beemerchef, Yesterday at 11:29:20 PM
Replies: 178

Board: Outdoor Blogs
Views: 24357

Quote from: GA Judy on April 07, 2014, 10:13:09 PM
Wish our weather was better for you, Ara. There are flash flood watches and warnings out and who knows if the fog will lift tomorrow.

We have run into some bumps in the road with our daughter Alexis, the mom of our twin grandsons (turning 2 next month). We have them with us as she has had surgery to remove part of her lung and a little tumor. She is hoping to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and then will come stay with us to be with her boys and have us take care of the gang.

You will be over on the eastern side of GA and, we are sorry, we will not be able to come meet up with you. However, have  great time in GA. We'll do a get-rid-of-rain dance for you.

The main aspect is your daughter getting better and over the hump. For sure... No apologies needed. There are priorities in Life. Let me know how she is doing. I am just now reading this.

Tasting Valley of the Gods, Utah.

All I can say is "WOW! we made it...". East Coast and back, we are good for a few more years.

Trying to stay ahead of summer and so far so good in and around Valley of the Gods, I must say, one of my all time favorite space to be in and dig our roots a bit deeper than usual. We have been all alone this time around with easy access, I have not seen anyone else camp out on this beautiful 17 mile loop. A couple visitors, some good friends, nothing planned, but they showed up! That is the way we like it as planning never works out.

The weather suddenly is not very promising for the yearly outing of balloonist which get together every last weekend of April. They don't get along so well with rains, winds and storms. The surprise element is definitly present.

The marathon from these past weeks is over, the calendar and clock are once again put away, the internet connections are weaker than ever, lucky [or unlucky!] if any, there is a sense of regained freedom and tackle our journey as we use to.

The publication of our book is moving right along. More details in our journal with photos and a video shot in the Georgia Mountains on Highway 60 to "Two Wheels of Suches" I called "Sitting, Riding and... Leaning".



Till next time.

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit

8th Year, the Stars, living under them                    The Journal                  The Photos

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