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2013 Green Drake Hatch, Penns Creek
« on: September 13, 2012, 11:05:00 PM »
There is probably more written about Penn's Creek than all other Central PA Trout Streams combined. The hatch that draws the biggest crowds to Penn's Creek is the famous Green Drake. I have been a part of the extravaganza and have yet to tire of it. I call it an extravaganza because it closely resembles a circus coming to town. There are fly fishermen everywhere you look, literally traveling from all over the United States to be a part of the great event. One of the strangest things that happens during the Green Drake hatch is that there will be very few people fishing the last hour or two before dusk. Instead you will find the river banks lined with fly fishermen patiently awaiting the arrival of the Green Drakes.

We are waiting until after the memorial day craze.  A few of us will be camping at Seven Mountains CG and fishing Penns Creek for the later Green Drake and Slate Drake the weekend between Memorial Day and Fathers Day. June 2.  We will probably be staying Mon and Tues.

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