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Door Lock Recall

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thingette 1s sister:

Door locks manufactured after 2006 by Fastec are recalled and they'll send you a new one for free.  Just fill out their online form.  Follow the link above to see if your lock is affected.

Thanks, Becky. I'll have to check it out today. As luck would have it, we just replaced the original door lock this yr. We don't have any of the listed key numbers, but I'll try to remove it in the 9 o'clock position just to see what happens.

We purchased a 2014 Kodiak express in April and while locking it up in the driveway I pulled the key out in the wrong position!!! Big mistake. The door would not unlock and my husband had to crawl through the cargo hatch just to get in. All the while telling me that I don't know how to operate a key!!! >:( ARRGGG!!! >:(
Then he gets inside and can't open the door to get out without taking the lock apart! It really caused a LOT of aggravation! Wouldn't you think that being a registered owner, the manufacturer should notify us! I guess we have to just have to rely on each other, thanks to the forum and thanks again

thingette 1s sister:
Probably faster to buy a new lock.  Mine still has not arrived.

Thank you for the heads up. Seems ours is part of this recall too.  I have noticed it was a bit wonky ??? when I had tried to unlock the door, and I thought I just didn't know how to do it.


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