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Looking at Jayco 3 bunk 18D and I stumbled upon this OOOH LA LA


OK so I am starting to seriously shop for our travel trailer upgrade I am almost sure its going to be a jay-co 3 bunk hybrid model 18D with a few extra up grades like 15k a/c, 3 bed mat heaters, extra folding table to accompany the bench seat. power package (electric tongue jack and awning), outside grill and a 2inch lift kit. I was surfing the web and wow I found jayco's web sites in Australia. Let me be the first to say holy crap why cant they build the trailers here in the USA like the caravans as they call them over. There they all look so much more refined they have beautiful rounded finished   ends and nice  lines. they have some amazing things like led strip lights through out head liner, digital thermostat,stainless steel sinks chrome faucets, mud flap, roof mounted solor panel charging station, a choice of like 15 diffrent really nice fabric and curtain selections, much lighter woods that make the trailer look very smart. and OK the final perk an on board mini washing machine for clothing how smart is that. ( I know its not really camping anymore when you have this option) just take a look at  these trailers and tell me they don't look so much better then what jay-co is offering us here in the USA. look at the outback and the silver line.

Upon further study of the interiors on the web site i noticed even more goodies like  the bathroom vanity with 4 draws, kitchen sink soap dispenser, stainless drain board around sink, the built in blinds that lift, the rounded handle cabinet hardware, draw glides , stove top cover to convert kitchen to more counter space, the pull down stabilizer stabs with rounded pads. To bad they are not com padable for use in the USA id so ship one here!

IA Poppers:
Those are nice but didn't see any Hybrid floor plans. I also wonder what kind of price point they would be at with all of the luxury amenities. May be too much for the market here in the US

they do make hybrids down there but they are uniquely different, on the tent end side. they have a lid that lifts up and cover the canvas end.
they are the Expanda line:


IA Poppers:
wow those are nice. Would need to flip the door side here in the US though  ;D


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