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Spring Opener

March 24-26, 2023

Date: March 24-26, 2023
Location: French Creek State Park, Elverson, PA
Area: Loop ‘A’
Campground Info: Click Here!
Reservations: Click Here!
Rally Coordinators: MariskaHargitay & busdriverwc75
By posting or participating in this event, you agree to the Group Rally Waiver of Liability Notice. and its agents are not liable for your participation.
Member Attending Site # Days Attending Potluck  Misc
Shan76 2A, 1C, 2K9 A8
busdriverwc75 1A,1K9 ? A9   Stuffed shells  
BarnCogills 2A, 1T, 2K9 A11   Pulled Chicken/rolls  
chiefbowes 2A A12
Nater104 1A, 3C,1K9 A13      
ILikeShinnyThings 1A A14    Parmesan Garlic Chicken  
Gathering Site Gathering Site A16 Gathering Site Gathering Site  
PA Camper 1A, 2K9 A17      
JoeCamper & Ewwwbugs 2A, 1K9 A18   Beef & Potato casserole  
Chacon87 2A A19   Fried Chicken  
Guitarman 2A A21      
LadyHawke 2A, 1K9 A22   chicken and sausage gumbo Table
Jim/Kelly 2A, 1T, 2K9 A23   Baked beans  
Hindy 2A A37      
SCAREY 2A A54      
John/Alyssa 2A, 4C,1K9 A?   Side/appetizer  
Husky Friends 1A, 1C C32      
HuskyCampers 2A, 2C C33     hot dogs
SamebutDifferent  2A C44   Caesar salad  
Marc S 1A, 1T C45   Crockpot desert  
2HappyCampers  2A Visiting   Dessert