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Outdoor Blogs

Posted by: beemerchef, April 16, 2015, 12:29:30 PM
Replies: 208

Board: Outdoor Blogs
Views: 40451

xxInto our "7th" year full time camping...
Posted by: beemerchef, April 16, 2015, 12:29:30 PM
Replies: 208

Board: Outdoor Blogs
Views: 40451

Is it only a matter of choice? TX

We are still lingering in Big Bend! Having a hard time leaving this space as we have spread out and Nature has covered the grounds with greens and yellows. it is quite a sight I must say when daily we sit amongst such a marvel of Nature.

But, we are packing... slowly as within me a spark of excitement is starting taking place. New adventures, landscapes and even when it happens meeting locals here and there. The road... that magical aspect we live for.

I look at the forecast while wearing a sweater this morning and nothing over 80 for quite a few days. There is no rush, we are comfy here. We are living!

The solar is giving us plenty of power, it has rained just about every afternoon throughout 20 minutes of what I always think the storm of all storms followed by blue skies. There is definitely a change in the weather pattern while the water is always welcome here being off the grid.

The body is taking a break! The mind is working overtime, its thoughts fueled by this beautiful and serene Desert with no walls, no clock and no schedule. I eat when I am hungry, I sleep when sleepy, all is really that simple with no horns or traffic signal lights. What more can anyone ask for?

"Old Faithful" is ready to go. Oils have been changed, throttle bodies adjusted and only the rear tire remains to be changed. That is it...

Boring? Bored? Never...

And yes, I am also cooking much more!

Till next time.

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit

www.theoasisofmysoul.com                    The Journal and Book "Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash"

www.beemerchef.smugmug.com                  The Photos

9th Year, the Stars, living under themů

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