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Lager Jogger

April 19-21, 2024

Date: April 19-21, 2024
Location: Mountain Springs Camping Resort, 3450 Mountain Rd, Hamburg, PA 19526
Area: n/a
Campground Info: Click Here!
Campground Map: Click Here!
Rally Coordinators: 2HappyCampers & TBD
By posting or participating in this event, you agree to the Group Rally Waiver of Liability Notice. and its agents are not liable for your participation.


HuskyCampers  2A 2C  A-31  Mac & Cheese  No  
Elmira Fudd & SameButDifferent  2A   H-10 Pierogies  No   
 Thingette 1’s Sister 2A H-4  Fruit salad, Jello & Whip topping, Assorted Olives   Maybe?  
 2HappyCampers 2A  H-4   Meatballs in sauce  
 JoeCamper & EwwwwBugs 2A H-5  Something Italian – maybe crockpot chicken alfredo.
Tomato Pie for Fri pm
busdriverwc75 2A H-12 Italian beef sandwiches & fixings No  
Thingette 1 & ChiefBowes 2A   H-9 Italian bread and Salad     
SaintPaula & BadSeed 2A   visiting  birthday cake  No