French Creek State Park 40

Spring Season Opener Group Camping Rally

Date: March 22-24, 2019
Location: French Creek State Park, Elverson, PA - Loop C
Campground Info: Click Here!
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By posting or participating in this event, you agree to the Group Rally Waiver of Liability Notice. and its agents are not liable for your participation.

Rally Coordinators: Busdriverwc75 & Lone Lock
Site #MemberAttendingPotluck Stuff
C1Ladyhawke2A, 1K9  
C2 CampingPhil & ChefPete2ARoasted Chicken thighs with a mystery sauceCoffee setup
C3 mknott572A, 1K9Carrot Casserole & Cake 
C5 LoneLock1A, 1CPolish Pierogi Lasagna1 6 foot table
C6 LoneLock’s Cousin2AItalian Lasagna 
C7 The B Fam2A, 2TGumbo1 6 foot table
C9 JoeCamper & EwwwBugs2A, 1T, 2C, 2K9Kielbasa and Cabbage 
C10 vik-king2A, 1TItalian Meatballs 
C12 Mariska Hargitay2A, 1K9Chips and Guacamole 
C15 GroupGathering Site 
C17 Husky Campers2A, 2C  
C38Hindy2AHungarian Goulash 
C42 unknown   
C44 samebutdifferent2A, 2C, 2K9Hawaiian Meatballs 
C46 busdriverwc752A, 2K9Siesta Shells / Mexican Mac-n-Cheese 
Cabin 2justchillin2A,   
Cabin 3thingette1 & chiefbowes2A, 0T  
Visiting2HappyCampers2AGerman Chocolate Cake 
dcnr_004688 1