Group Rallies – 18Apr

Boulder Field 5K Lager Jogger Group Camping Rally

Date: Saturday, April 20-22, 2018
Blue Rocks Campground, Lenhartsville PA
call (610)756-6366
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By posting or participating in this event, you agree to the Group Rally Waiver of Liability Notice. and its agents are not liable for your participation.

Rally Coordinators: 2HappyCampers & TBD
Blue Rocks
Site # Member Attending Jogging Potluck
 149 JoeCamper & Ewwbugs 2A, 3C, 2K9 Yes   
154-A CampingPhil & ChefPete 2A  Yes beer braised pulled pork 
 ? ChiefBowes & Thingette 2A     
 146 busdriverwc75 2A    
2HappyCampers 2A     
thingettes 1s sister 2A     
 193 MariskaHargitay 2A  No   
 155-2 samebutdifferent & Elimra Fudd 2A, 2C, 2K9 No  Bacon Beer BBQ Beans 
103 or 109 or somewhere else? mdbaird75 4A Yes  Chili 
188 Hindy 2A     
 1 Chacon87  2A   Yes  
 6 mtn_bikers  2A  No  Kielbasa 
Visiting  Saint Paula & Bad Seed  2A  No   potato & macaroni salad
 146 busdriverwc75  2A Yes