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Watkins Glen Summer Group Camping Rally

Date: June 19-24, 2018
Watkins Glen State Park, NY
Loop: Mohawk Village Loop (Electric/Pet)
Campground Info:
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Rally Coordinators: ChiefBowes & TBD
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Site #MemberAttendingArr/Dep Potluck
68Guitarman2A 15/22 
73AVC81302A, 2C, 1K9  
75mtn_bikers3A, 0C, 0K920/24 
77MariskaHargity2A, 0C, 1K9  
78Hums-a-lot 2A, 1K9  
79 HuskyCampers2A, 2K9  
81There They Go Again 2A15/25 
82JoeCamper/Ewwwbugs2A, 2K915/24 
83samebutdifferent/EmiraFudd2A, 2C, 2K915/24 
84 Chiefbowes/Thingette12A, 2C 15/25 
85 2HappyCampers 2A, 2K917/24 
 98mknott572A, 1K9 19/24 
 99 busdriverwc75 2A, 2K9 21/24 
 101 Ladyhawke 2A, 1K915/24 
Cabin 107 Saint Paula/Bad Seed 2A