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Date: November 02-04, 2018
 Pine Grove Furnace State Park
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Site # Member Attending Potluck Help
4 Chacon87 2A, 1K9 pie or cake  
29 MdBaird79 2A    
34 Lone Lock 1A, 1C, 1K9 1 smoked turkey 5gal oil / 18 qt roaster
36 iluv2camp 2A, 2K9


38 Saint Paula 2A    
39 samebutdifferent  2A, 2C, 2K9    
40 Ladyhawke 2A, 1K9

Green Bean dish / Potato dish

1 Table

41 MariskaHargita  2A, 1K9     
42  JoeCamper 2A, 3C. 2K9  pineapple stuffing Foil Pans, Roaster
43 Chiefbowes  2A 1 Turkey Fryer, Pot
44  Group  Gathering   Site   
45 2HappyCampers  2A  Garlic Mashed (white) Potatoes EZ Up / 6 chafing dish frames / 2 sternos
46 There They Go Again 2A    
47 Hindy 3A

Cooler Corn

48 The B.Fam 2A, 2C Sausage Stuffing / Gravy EZ up / Table
49 SCAREY 2A pork roast and green beans Cutting Board
70 justchillin 2A    
visit MarcS 1A   Propane