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Date: November 01-03, 2019
 Western Village Campground, Car
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call (717) 243-1179
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Rally Coordinators: TBD & TBD
Western Village Site Map 2017 1000x636 85
Site # Member Attending Potluck Help
visiting saintpaula/badseed 2A    
? Chacon87 2A, 1K9 Homemade cake or pie  
130 JoeCamper/EwwBugs 2A, 2K9 pineapple stuffing  
134 BucksCamperette 2A    
136 Chiefbowes/Thingette1 2A,1T 1 bird 1 fryer
137 2HappyCampers 2A,2K9? mashed white potatoes  
138 Hindy 2A, 1C hearty chili and bread  
139 MariskaHargitay 2A, 1K9

potato rolls, random dessert

table/help fry?
143 SCarey 2A    
161 SameButDifferent 2A,2C,2K9 Corn/cooked bird  
162 HuskyCampers 2A,2C    
163 Ladyhawke 2A, 1K9    
164 Thingette1sSister 3A    
165 OldFolks45 2A    
179 iluv2camp 2A,3K9? Potatoe filling and Gravy