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Date: November 01-03, 2019
 Western Village Campground, Car
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call (717) 243-1179
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Western Village Site Map 2017 1000x636 85
Site # Member Attending Potluck Help
visiting saintpaula/badseed 2A cold salad and a dessert  
? Chacon87 2A, 1K9 Homemade cake or pie  
127 Marc S. 2A, 3C Mixed Vegetables  
130 JoeCamper/EwwBugs 1A, 2K9 pineapple stuffing Propane
134 BucksCamperette 2A    
136 Chiefbowes/Thingette1 2A,1T

Green Bean Casserole, Gravy

1 fryer
137 2HappyCampers 2A,2K9? mashed white potatoes  
138 Hindy 2A, 1C hearty chili and bread  
139 MariskaHargitay 2A, 1K9

potato rolls and cranberry sauce

140 JustChillin 2A green bean casserole  
143 SCarey 2A    
161 SameButDifferent 2A,2C,2K9 Corn/cooked bird  
162 HuskyCampers 2A,2C stuffing  
163 Ladyhawke 2A, 1K9 vegetables  
164 Thingette1sSister 3A sweet corn casserole  
165 OldFolks45 2A 2 smoked turkeys  
179 iluv2camp 2A,3K9? Potato filling and Gravy frying oil
180 Guitarman 1A surprise