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What to do with the PopUp when not in use?
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April 25, 2015 – 10:11 am

So we’ve got the new PUP and took it on it’s maiden voyage two weekends ago.  It was a great time and we loved every second of it!

The question now is, we don’t have any trips planned for a few weeks and are wondering what to do with it.  It’s secure in our yard with plenty of room but rather boring to look at when closed up.  I opened it up yesterday with intentions of doing some backyard camping last night but frost warnings (springtime in PA) kicked in and we chickened out.

What would others do?  Keep the PUP closed up till your next trip, or leave it opened and use it at will whenever the opportunity arises?  I suppose a third option would be, since breakdown and setup is so easy, open it every weekend and close it during the week.

Anyway, what do you do?

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April 25, 2015 – 11:07 am

Our popups were parked in the driveway. Unless we were working on them, e.g. packing or unpacking for a trip, we kept the pop-up closed. We live at 6,000′, and experience windy seasons, so keeping it shut kept exposure to a minimum. That said, we often had it open a week before and after a trip.
We installed a battery shut-off on the second camper, which had a battery, furnace, LP detector that the first one did not. I estimated that the LP detector depleted the battery about 10% a week, so we used the cut-off to disconnect the battery between trips.
DH used the closed pop-up to set his panniers on as he loaded and unloaded his commuter bicycle. He can’t do that with the new travel trailer – I think he is using the hood of the 4Runner.

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April 25, 2015 – 12:37 pm

It depends on what I have going on. If I need to work on it then it’s popped up, if not it’s closed. I’m trying to storage the camper so that I don’t have to open it up before a trip like I have had to in the past.
By all means camp driveway whenever you can, not as great as being at camp but it’s a close second. If it’s a little cool and you have a furnace turn in on or run a second attention cord to run a little heater. Check out getting some PUGS and it will help keep the pup warmer or cooler.


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April 30, 2015 – 6:46 pm

Our pup was parked in our back yard as well. We kept it closed unless we were going to do a back yard camp out, needed to dry it out from a trip, wanted to work on it, or do mods etc. No reason to expose the canvas to UV rays for no reason. We do the same with our current hybrid although now we can go inside without opening the bunks. I often go out there and just sit inside to get a little bit of that camping relaxation feeling. Yeh I’m weird like that  😛

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March 28, 2017 – 7:20 am

keep beer in the fridge and plugged into the house, nice to just sit and relax 🙂

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March 28, 2017 – 9:08 am

When I had a popup….Once I got into the camping season I had it out every month.  In the off season I tried to open it every month to check on it.  I have had it open for weeks at a time when I was working on it or someone suggested to me that if it was wet when I left camp just set it up when I get home.  eventually the rain will stop and it will dry out and then I would close it after work. 

Matt O 2006 Skyline Nomad 27′ travel trailer.  Previously owned 1986 Coleman Columbia / 1992 Coleman Senecca / 1989 Born Free Class C RV.

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March 29, 2017 – 8:14 pm

Cover the tires while it is stored outside, in all seasons. UV rays eat away at them. They will last longer if covered. Same goes for the canvas and the vinyl windows. I kept mine closed because I would worry about it while I was at work for several days in a row if it was open and the weather sucked.

Once you have it restocked with staples and clean linens from your previous trip, close it up. Then you can be ready to throw food and clothes in it, hitch up and go camping!

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March 30, 2017 – 8:40 pm

If it’s dry when you pack it up at campground. We left it closed till next trip.  I could reach fridge from door way, so would reach in, get out food, prop door open on fridge after turning it off to prevent mold. And remove dirty laundry and each persons duffle- which at end of trip had clean clothes and toiletry bags.  Lock it up till next trip.  (I usually had cleaned before closing it, so once home and unloaded I was done )

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