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Been gone, but have not forgotten…
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September 2, 2013 – 6:02 pm

Over the last 5 months, we have had some life events occur that has taken me away from my extracurricular activities.

Nothing too severe, or dangerous, just things that have been overwhelming and uninvited from my perspective.

everyone is well, and healthy, but these other things have taken its toll.

our poor camper has sat for the last 8 months, unused, un-opened, and unattended…sigh

I went in there last week, and found a roof dome over the dining room table shattered, but fortunately, no water damage or anything too serious.  I make it a point to put a large dishpan/bucket on the table after each non camping period, just for this reason…. so a little forethought has indeed gone a LONG way.

the bad news is the rear fold down bunk PANEL itself, has separated somehow on the outside. and there is small pieces of dry ( but rotted) plywood falling out of it. 

so I opened the bunk ends at each side, propped the poles, and stretched the canvas.

all worked fine!

I am considering selling the camper, which is why I ventured into it in the first place.

it needs a thermo coupler for the furnace, and dome cover, and now I need to fix the rear panel. which honestly, looks like a bear to fix.  it is a single hinge, which is riveted on, the outer panel is button riveted to the door edges, and the inside looks like it has to be peeled away to access the actual bed frame/plywood.

I climbed my 200# behind onto the bunk, (without the bedding) and there was no sagging, or twisting of the bunk.  good sign, right?

also there is NO WATER DAMAGE to the inside or the frame work at the rear of the camper (insert big sigh here)

so to those who have repaired or replaced their bunkends, I could really use some ideas here.  whether I sell it or not is up in the air, but regardless I need to fix this baby!

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