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Breakaway not working
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September 17, 2017 – 1:57 am

As you may, or may not, have read in my other post, I just got done with serving my brakes on our pup.

While I had them accessible I tested the breakaway by spinning the hub then pulling the breakaway pin out. I understand that if the breakaway is functioning properly the wheel should lock. This did not happen.

I understand that the breakaway works on 12v from the camper battery. I checked and everything was hooked up properly. It is also my understanding that if the camper is plugged into shore power (or an extension cord to the home in this case) the camper battery is effectively charging.

Please feel free to correct any of my assumptions above if they are mistaken.

So the new battery is or should be fully charged and is properly plugged in, and the breakaway is wired correctly. So what is not working here?

How can I check whether the power is getting from the battery to the brakes?

Is there a make or model that is preferable to replace the breakaway?

Is there some to test the integrity of the magnet in the brake drum?

Any info on the part required to replace the magnet in the brake drum if it is faulty?

Apologies for a 101 questions, but this is obviously no trivial matter and we are heading out on a 6 hour each way trip in a couple of weekends so I need to get fixed.


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September 17, 2017 – 1:23 pm

Breakway devices are direct wired to the battery so they will have their own fuse block inline. The box will usually only have one wire as the attachment to the frame connects the ground. Follow the wire out of the breakway to the battery and check to see if there is an inline fuse.

If you are assuming you brakes work (try running a temp wire from the battery and touch the blue battery wire and see if they engage to rule that out first.

At the end of the day, Breakaway kits are only $20…..x8QAvD_BwE

Martini Glass The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything that they have!
30 Posts
September 17, 2017 – 2:02 pm

Great info, thanks Phil. I’ll try the troubleshooting tips you suggest, but I think I may as well just buy a new switch kit and be done with it. At least that will rule the switch out of the equation.


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October 2, 2017 – 7:25 am

Just pull the breakaway and it will power up the brakes. You can put it back in later when your done or pull the fuse while your not working on it.

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