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What's the Most Unusual "Pet" You've Seen Someone Camp With?

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Many moons ago, at a state park on Maryland's Eastern Shore, I camped near a guy who erected a low wire fence in the shape of a square. Next time I looked, there were 8 or 10 rabbits in it. Turns out, he bred them. He was joined, later, by a friend and her rabbits. At least they were quiet and well-behaved. (The people, too.)

one guy had a chinchilla, and some woman had 2 ferrets on a leash another time

We've brought our guinea pig with us a few times.  On one trip, it was almost perfect weather, so much like the rabbit breeder mentioned above, we found a shady spot and put him in an outside, floorless cage so he could munch on real grass for a change.

It was mainly for the week-long trips, not the weekend ones, since they can go a few days when you fill up their water, food and hay.

Ive read a few blogs where people take their goldfish camping.  On my last tent trip I won a fish at a nearby community day, and kept it in my extra fire/water jug until I got home.

When we went to Disney last November, we decided to take our hermit crab with us, since we were turning the heat down in the house while we were gone. The funny thing is that the whole time we were down there, he would come out of his shell and climb the cage everyday, when we had him at home he barely ever came out. He must have really liked the weather in Florida.

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