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Can my dogs escape my pop up camper?

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I'm planning to purchase a pop up in the next couple of months. My plan is to use it primarily to live in when I retire to tide me over until I get the lake lot ready with utilities, park model RV, etc.  Also may use it to come into the Dallas area to work a temp job downtown for a couple of months.  Maybe 3-4 months at a stretch max.  When I travel I usually just camp in my mini van.  The tow vehicle for the pop up will be my mini-van (Honda Odyssey).

My concern is that I have three smaller dogs - 20, 18 and 9 pounds.  All rescued puppy mill dogs and they are creative.  They've had to be to survive this long.  I'm concerned that when I'm gone for 8-9 hours at a temp job that they might wiggle under the canvas and escape. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?  Commuting from the lake to work is not an option - it's a two hour drive one way.

Thanks in advance. And thanks for adding me.

thingette 1s sister:
You probably should crate them, I could definitely see them escaping.  Although, most campgrounds do state in their rules that dogs should not be left unattended. (mostly due to the barking)

X2 on the crating of the dogs..  also leave a radio playing at low volune just so the dogs don't hear every little noise and bark..   Better solution would be to see if there is a puppy daycare that you could take them too.. 

Lone Lock:
How many people will be in the popup?  Just you and the dogs?  I would suggest considering a small TT or an R-Pod trailer.  You may find one cheaper than a popup.  The Honda can tow 3,500#'s so it should handle a small one.

My Uncle lived in a Popup in the 80's for awhile.  He was a union electrician and there was no steady work nearby so he and a friend found steady work far away and lived in the popup Monday-Thursday and came home on the weekends.  It was not secure so they kept everything in their car.

As for the dogs, I'd say crate them as well.   

Are your dogs barkers?  I hate walking in a campground and hearing dogs barking their heads off with nobody around.   It seems the smaller they are the more they bark. 


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