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Off Topic / Dinner parties & Blogging
« on: April 10, 2013, 11:15:47 PM »
Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that Phil and I are now blogging about our entertaining and dinner parties.  Check out:  We've just started, so there aren't many entries yet, but we're adding to it almost every day. 


What's Cookin / Burnt Offerings
« on: July 17, 2011, 05:55:50 PM »
Hello Friends,

Many of you know me as a foodie/cook/caterer.  So you're probably not too surprised by a post from me with a subject line of Burnt Offerings.  But what does that mean and what does it have to do with camping??

The answer is this:  I’m going to try making my own web-based cooking show which will be called Burnt Offerings.  The show will be posted on you-tube to begin, and then eventually on its own website.   What I’d like to do, is feature all those lost recipes from our pasts – those meals/recipes that only your grandmother made, or that one special dish that was only cooked on a holiday, etc.,  and maybe “fancy” them up a bit.  Each episode will have an overall theme, for example CAMPING, various milestones or ingredients, etc. My goal is to have the first one online by September, and it will be filmed at our "other" campground. 

If you're wondering, the title of the show is meant to be an ironic twist – wonderful, sometimes fancy food but called “Burnt Offerings.” 

My overall message is: whether single or a family, we should all slow down and eat healthier.  Get rid of the instant, sodium/sugar filled processed foods and cook real, healthy food.   Rediscover those old family recipes and share them with new friends and family.

So why am I telling you all this?  Not only do I want you to watch my show, BUT I want your recipes!!  Please send me your old family recipes.  I know you all have them, or can get them.  They can be for anything – savory or sweet, any meal, side dish, entrée, holiday/celebration etc.  And if there is a story or tradition behind the recipe, I want to hear about that too!! 

What I DON’T want is a recipe from the food network, or a magazine, etc.  Sure, I would love a gooey butter cake recipe, but obviously I can’t do a show featuring Paula Deen’s gooey butter cake recipe.  And, for the record, yes I will give credit where credit is due and there could even be some guest stars on the show too.

ChefPete  :chef:

Hi Gang,

ChefPete here. :chef:  As some of you know know, I'm a chef/caterer/event planner.  That being said, I've volunteered to organize the Saturday night pop up dinner at Raystown Lake.  I like parties that have themes, but not just your average theme.  You may have already guessed that the theme of this dinner is PURPLE!!  What does that mean? 

Like any potluck, bring your favorite dish. Please reply to this thread with your dish.  BUT, do try to cook with purple or display your dish in purple, and WEAR something purple! Creativity counts, however purple tattoos from 1964 do not count.  ;)  There will be two prizes:  best use of purple in your food contribution and best use of purple on yourself (i.e. costume, hair style, clothing, etc..).   
Why purple?   Well...why not?

The dinner will be held lakeside at the Gathering Site, #47 on Saturday Evening.  Food service shall begin at 6PM.  Please have your contributions to the tables by 5:45PM.

Forum User Name                Dinner Contribution                                       
JoeCamperCorn on the Cob & Summer Fruit Salad
ChefPete2 - 6ft Tables, tablecloths, cups, plates, cutlery, 15ft canopy & decorations
ChefPetePurple Meatloaf
ChefPeteIce Tea, Purple Lemonade, Water
SaintPaulaBaked Ziti & Coleslaw w/purple cabbage
BigDawgGangGrilled Eggplant
mdbaird76BigBaked beans, rolls, buns, purple index cards
mtn_bikersCurry Chicken and purple strawberry shortcake
DaveSTeriyaki pork tenderloin & berry cobbler
ChristineVegetable dip and cookies
BiXLLSpicy spanish rice
Marc S.Creamy black bean soup
Team Pop PupApple Vinegar Bean Salad
twstdpearBread pudding w/ caramel sauce

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