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Quantum Leap PopUp Campers
« on: January 20, 2011, 04:45:02 PM »
This is a new popup camper manufactored by a group of former employees frm Coleman in Somerset, PA

Activity Support Vehicle - Zero to Base Camp in 60 Seconds

Source: RVBusiness
Quantum Leap Engineered Products LLC, based in Somerset, Pa., has announced the introduction of its new Activity Support Vehicle (ASV) line of innovative camping trailers designed specifically for outdoor activity-based adventurists.

“The ASV is the missing link in the RV evolutionary process that bridges the gap between free-standing tents and traditional towable RVs,” the company stated in a news release. “The ASV series is destined to redefine the way people live and play in the great outdoors. Equally at home in a campground or off the beaten path, the ASV series embodies the design philosophy that less really is more. With a 400-pound cargo carrying capacity, it is rugged, practical, durable and affordable.”

It’s a mega-backpack for campers that can haul all kinds of gear and equipment off the road to a trailhead, riverbank or campground and then quickly converts any destination into a base camp. Ultra-lightweight and made from corrosion-resistant, non-wood construction materials, the ASV can withstand the environmental extremes of the great outdoors. The vehicle can set-up in less than 60 seconds with a self-deploying tenting system, and you don’t need to detach it from your tow vehicle for set-up. One person can completely handle the set-up, it’s that easy. For those that like to tent, the ASV provides comfortable off-the-ground sleeping and living quarters and protection from the rain.

Ted Harris, president of the company, stated, “We design all of our products based on the guiding principles of Sustainable Design and utilize innovative and cutting-edge technologies such as high strength adhesives to replace conventional fasteners, screws, and staples. We do not rely on caulking to seal joints or make up for loose manufacturing tolerances. We are committed to integrating advanced engineering processes to ensure functional reliability and endurance. Utilizing composite materials, thermoplastics, steel and aluminum in the construction process, we intend to set a new benchmark for durability, fit and finish, and overall performance in the industry. Our products will never contain any wood or wood by-product that degrades over time. We intend to meet the needs and wants of the green-conscience consumer.”

Quantum Leap Engineered Products LLC is a product design, custom engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the creation of innovative products for the outdoor recreation industry. To learn more about the ASV product and the company, visit their website at

Prospective dealers may contact Ted Harris at (814) 289-1476. The product is available for immediate shipment anywhere in the United States with a special home delivery service. The company intends to expand its initial product offering and has two new models planned for release this fall.

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